This 'Sail with your Kids' section was written by parents for parents

Getting kids on a yacht lets them experience a whole different kind of trip. The chance to sleep on deck under the stars, to take a turn at sailing the yacht (under the captain's expert eye), to live an exciting adventurous trip with you - with the comfort of optional experts leading the way- will make your vacation memorable.
You have several options to choose from when planning a sailing holiday:

croisiere a la cabine en grece

Cabin charter

If you want to reduce the cost of your sailing holidays, then you might want to consider to join a cabin charter on a monohull or a catamaran: you can still sail on a large boat while hiring a cabin or two and sharing cruise expenses (fuel, water, etc).
greek family sailing cruise
If you don’t have yachting experience or don't want to squander your precious holiday sailing time in tedious check-ins and check-outs, you will value the experience and knowledge of a local skipper. He will help you draw a realistic itinerary and be in charge of boat maintenance. If you wish, he can also acts as an instructor who can teach you and the kids a thing or two about sailing.

Bareboat charter

You are qualified to handle a yacht on your own. Being totally on your own might be a huge plus on your family trip as it offers the most privacy, but it could also be the biggest downside. You’ll do all your own cooking and boat maintenance, and if anything comes up in the middle of the night, you’ll be the ones dealing with it and figuring out solutions to technical riddles.

No sailing experience but a desire to travel differently with your children?

These travel diaries, video and testimonies will help you better understand sailing with children in the Cyclades and decide if this type of trip is for you. They were created by families traveling on a sailboat or a catamaran.
Do not miss our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the page, you will also find there lots of practical answers to your questions!
croisiere voilier famille grece
Meeting with dolphins.
A video for all
the family to watch!
4 kids get surprised sailing holidays. Well done parents!

carnet de voyage grece
The 1 week sailing holidays of a family with two kids.
carnet de voyage grece
Islands hopping out of Paros.
easter in greece
Easter in the Greek islands


How safe is Greece?
Greece is one of the worldwide top-listed safe place to travel with kids and a family oriented country. Everywhere you go, even in the most busy places, there is always someone who will stop and smile, talk or play with your child. So no need to be alarmed as you would be in your own country if you see a grumpy old Greek guy sitting next to you and entertaining your little one, just watch and enjoy this culture where there is no partitioning of ages and where all children are precious.
Still want to sail Greece but not sure that living on a boat is exactly right for your children?
Islands sailing hopping is very popular among families. Many families vacation in Greece with their kids on either monohulls yachts or catamarans even if they have never set a foot on a boat before. After all these years sailing with families, we still find amazing how quickly kids adjust to their new environment. Sea is an excellent source of stimulation for children of all ages who, as we found out, take lot of pleasure at learning one or two things about sailing as well as being assigned “duties” under the captain's expert eye. While travelling with kids in big cities can be challenging, finding things to do on a boat (and especially on large yachts like catamarans) is usually not a problem. Fishing in tiny harbours, swimming in cristal waters, playing and running free on sandy beaches or in the yards and pedestrian alleys of Greek small villages, sleeping on deck under the stars, sailing to a different island every day are among the numerous things kids tremendously enjoy. According to a 8 years old boy's dad who sailed with Archipel, sailing has a magic soothing effect on hyperactive kids! We also remember the words of this lady first time sailing with her 15 years old daughter: "I realize many of my needs as a parent are actually not essential!"
Before going further in planning a yacht charter, remember the top priorities for a successful sailing vacation:
- prefer yacht charter companies responsive to kids related queries
- a well mastered itinerary (by you or your crew). Don't forget that guide books are mainly intended for travelers using public means of transportation, not private yachts which can access remote places.
- confidence in your own capacity to travel off the beaten track with your kids.

We plan to charter a yacht in Greece but want to avoid busy Athens, any suggestion?
You may thus want to consider chartering a yacht at the heart of the Cyclades islands, in Paros or Mykonos. The minute you will set foot on the yacht your vacation already starts, surrounded by the islands’ pristine beauty and crystal waters, not apartment blocks, sewers and congested motorways! Athens area is just 30 minutes away by plane or 3 hours away by fast ferry.
Do we necessarily have to visit the main and busy tourist spots of the Greek islands?
You do not have to visit any busy tourist spots if you do not want to! That's the all beauty of chartering a yacht just for yourselves; you can customize your itinerary according to your tastes. Your skipper will be happy to guide you to the finest secluded coves, charming tiny harbours where the kids can fish and where the water is so clean you can swim from the yacht.
What about kids and Greek food?
Dining in a traditional taverna is an experience you shouldn't miss in Greece. At Archipel we aim to provide our customers with a true Greek food experience in a relaxed atmosphere the whole family will enjoy. If your kids are not so adventurous about sampling new dishes, don't panic, all tavernas serve French fries, spaghetti, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, sliced bread, meatballs, roasted chicken, cheese pies and ice-cream (although best ice-cream are found in ice-cream parlors). Regretfully, too few Greek tavernas offer highchairs so expect to share your meal with your baby on your lap. Unless someone in the restaurant offers to baby-sit as it often happens; Greeks take pleasure in children in a kind and loving way, no matter where you come from.
Even though we do like the idea of mixing it with the locals, would it be possible to cook some of our own evening meals?
You are of course free to cook onboard our yachts as often as you want, having dinner ashore only when you want to. Your skipper will be as inobtrusive as possible so that you may enjoy your privacy.
Can we customize a child-friendly sailing itinerary?
Of course. We will gladly tailor for you a custom itinerary taking the needs of children and parents into account so you can be sure that your sailing cruise in Greece will be suitable and enjoyable for everyone in the family, in all weather conditions. Starting your sailing cruise in Paros in the heart of the beautiful Cyclades is ideal for exploring the nearby islands while avoiding the long sailing from Athens. With Archipel, you'll be sailing just brief hops, favoring swimming, fishing, snorkeling and island exploration.
The Cyclades islands have a reputation of being quite windy. Is this true?
The correct statement would be that they boast a low percentage of calms during July and August and that some areas are indeed more windy than others. However, this northerly wind (locally aka Meltemi) very seldom reaches gale force and without it the heat would be scorching. As true high sea guides, our skippers avoid the traps of the funnel effect between islands, where amateur or unaware sailors usually get caught (thus compromising their itineraries). Thanks to long term forecasts your crew will anticipate a blow and tailor your itinerary accordingly so you can be sure your sailing cruise will be pleasant for everyone in the family.
What about sea sickness and children ?
According to medical professionals, seasickness is more prevalent in children and women. On the other hand, children under 2 seem to be immune from the ailment. Having a child with historical motions sickness does not mean he/she will experience sea sickness but it does mean he/she is more at risk than kids who don’t experience motion sickness. Our bodies adjust in a day or two but in the meantime, there are many ways you can help your children feel better. On the first few days of your cruise, make sure they eat relatively light and frequently. Expose them to fresh air. Have older children breathe slowly and deeply. Tell them to focus on the horizon. Use medication such as Dramamine or Scopolamine patches (for older kids). If you are traveling with a very small child, under the age of 2, consult a physician before using any medications including antihistamines.
Do you provide with a safety jacket for the children?
Yes we carry on all our yachts an official specs lifejacket plus recreational jackets for kids to wear at all times while being on board.
Should we bring baby's nappies?
You don't have to unless you want too. Babie's nappies as well as baby wipes are available in convenient stores in all Greek islands.
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