Easter in the Greek islands

The crew: 1 captain, 2 parents, 3 teenagers
Type of cruise: whole yacht charter
Yacht: Pahi 53 catamaran
Departed: Paros on May 2nd, 2013
Returned: Paros on May 8th, 2013
Weather: 24° degrees Celsius, partly cloudly, winds variable 15 knots

greek islands catamaran
DAY 1: Paros-Sikinos Our boat is docked at the tiny island’s harbor. The beach is just across the cove.
easter greek islands
Chapel in the flowery hills of Sikinos.

Inside a 17th century chapel.

Sikino’s pier seen from the beach.

santorini sailing
DAY 2: Sikinos-Santorin. 13 year old Tom, plays figure head during the spectacular caldera crossing.
The village of Oia (Santorini) seen from our boat.

Oia’s windmills.
Oia overlooks the ancient crater, a.k.a. the caldera.

santorini Archipel
Santorini’s maze of alleyways.
yacht charter greece
DAY 3: Santorini-Folegandros. Placid voyaging.

sailing with Archipel
The cliff below Folegandros’ village.
18th century fortified village of Kastro.

Archipel sailboat
Tom sticks his head out of a hatch.
Archipel greece
DAY 4: Folegandros-Sifnos. Father and son while sailing.

sifnos boat
Our catamaran docked at the tranquil harbor of Vathy, Sifnos.
sailboat charter greece
Odile and Jean-François on the deck of the Pahi 53’.

cruising the greek islands
Lunch is ready!
greek islands easter holiday
DAY 5: Sifnos-Despotiko. View of our boat from the ruins of the Apollo’s sanctuary with Antiparos in the background.

greece sailing holiday
On board the motorized dinghy, together with our captain.
iles grecques en bateau
DAY 6: Despotiko-Antiparos. Antiparos is a small island contiguous to Paros, girdled by cliffs and fine sand beaches.

greece sailing vacation
DAY 7: Antiparos-Paros.
greece yachting holiday
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