Skippered catamaran charter out of Paros (Cyclades)

The Lagoon 420 is a family friendly, spacious and fast catamaran. The amount of available and usable deck space offers plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sailing. There are four spacious and equally sized double cabins with en suite heads and showers. Wide transom steps and swim ladders make access to the dinghy or a dip in the sea, very easy.
The vessel can accommodate up to 8 people + the skipper.
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Whole boat prices
8 people
5990 €
6350 €
7000 €
7000 €
6350 €
5530 €

Extra costs :
1. fuel-water-port taxes (in total approximately 400 € per week depending on the fuel consumption)
2. your food as well as your skipper's is at your charge.
Discount (excl. skipper): 5% early booking before January 31st.
Included : VAT, skipper, insurance, bed linen and bath towels, cooking fuel, motorised tender, full air-conditioning, watermaker, main saloon with LCD TV, MP3 player, AC current for charging your small devices, fins, end cleaning.
Our offers are non-binding and subject to change.
  • Do we have a say in the itinerary?
  • We do not have a fixed itinerary, to the contrary we try to input personal parameters for each individual group. Hence, on first day, together with your captain with the week's windforecast in hand, you will select the most suitable set of stopovers.

  • Do we go into marinas at night?
  • Generally yachts anchor out in the evenings, unless they need to refill their fuel or water tanks. Not all of the islands have docks available for yachts; the few harbors are very busy, particularly in July and August, if one needs a slip, one should claim it before 15:00. Thus each yacht carries a tender or dinghy with an outboard motor, sort of the taxi for getting around and drived by the captain.


    Finalizing your itinerary is one of the highlights of your sailing cruise. Upon boarding, your captain will summarize the route options according to your wishes and the weather forecast and , he will be happy to suggest dream destinations only accessible by sailboat.
    Paros-Paros via Santorini
    Paros    Sikinos    Santorini    Folegandros    Polyaigos    Sifnos    Despotiko    Paros
    Feasible when the prevailing northerly winds are light or moderate from the third day, when one has to sail northwards from Santorini, the southernmost island. On the menu: a combo of vibrant and preserved islands, sailing legs of 3 to 6 hours.
    Paros-Paros via Amorgos
    Paros    Sifnos    Despotiko    Koufonissi    Amorgos    Schinoussa    Antiparos    Paros
    Workable under strong wind conditions, with exhilarating beam reach sailing instead of arduous windward work! Ideal for families, this itinerary offers 3 to 4 hour island hops between isolated anchorages, golden beaches, quiet harbors and medieval village visits.
    Paros-Paros via Mykonos
    Paros    Syros    Mykonos et Delos    Donoussa    Amorgos    Schinoussa    Antiparos    Paros
    Achievable when the prevailing northerly winds are light or calm on the first day since we motor northwards to Syros. On the menu: a mix of lively and out-of-the-way islands, lots of possible cultural visits, sailing legs of 3 to 5 hours.
  • Which islands and sights to see?
  • Given the wide array of dream destination in the Greek islands, we understand that it can be little overwhelming for you to find something suitable. Every skippered charter starts with a trip briefing that goes over the islands you wish to visit and the places you want to see. Your skipper will be happy to suggest ideas and destinations learned from many years experience in the Greek seas, highlighting beaches and places of interest that are often only accessible by boat.

  • Where does the skipper sleep?
  • The skipper sleeps in the bow area in his own separate cabin with ensuite bathroom.

  • Is the yacht equipped with airconditioning?
  • Yes the yacht is equipped with fully air conditioning.

                LOOKING INTO THE YACHT

    Lagoon 420 catamaran  
    Lagoon 420
    2008. Refit 2018.
    42 feet
    max. 8 + skipper
    Double cabins
    Ensuite showers/heads
    Skipper cabin/shower/head
    Bed linen & bath towels
    Powered tender
    Full air conditioning


    How do I get to Paros?
    A. If you're landing in Athens, there are two options:
    Option 1.
    Catch a flight for Paros with Aegean Airlines. Flight duration: 30 minutes. One way fare: around 90 euros.
    Option 2. Catch a ferry from either Piraeus harbour (45 minutes by cab or 1 hour and 15 minutes by shuttle bus X96 from the airport) or Rafina harbour (35 minutes by cab from the airport).
    Trip duration: between 2 hours and 45 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the ferry. One way fare: between 25 euros and 40 euros, depending on the company. Ferry schedules on
    B. If you’re landing in Mykonos
    Catch a ferry from Mykonos. Trip duration: 40’. One way fare: between 25 euros and 40 euros, depending on the company. Ferry schedules on

    What day of the week does the cruise start?
    From mid June to beginning of September boarding takes places on Wednesdays at 11 am in Paroikia's yacht harbour in Paros. You will weigh anchor as soon as you are ready! Disembarkation takes place on Tuesdays at 5 pm. If you have a ferry or a plane to catch, it is no problem, your skipper will bring the boat back to her base on time. Outside this period boarding day is flexible.
    What would be a typical day onboard the catamaran?
    Breakfast, fresh food provisioning if needed, sailing (average of 3 to 5 hours per day depending on the itinerary), swimming in a secluded cove and lunch onboard, arrival to your destination around 3 pm, sightseeing, beach, relaxing on the yacht, dinner ashore, evening leisure time.
    Is it possible to drop us in Mykonos instead of Paros?
    In summer prevailing winds in the Cyclades isles are northerlies, strong at times and reaching gale force near Mykonos. Probability of calm is round 3% only. While we can ensure a smooth and pleasurable sailing cruise from Paros, adapting the itinerary to wind conditions, we can never warrant a trip finishing in Mykonos as it could mean heading into winds and seas. Should you need a fast transfer, there are 6 large ferries daily connecting Paros to Mykonos.
    Do you offer short sailing charters?
    From mid of June to mid of September the minimum lenght of charter days is 7. Outside this period it is fine to charter the catamaran for 4, 5 or 6 days according to availabities.
    Can I customize the above suggested itineraries?
    Of course. The beauty of a sailing cruise is to experience a unique voyage tailored to your wishes. However bear in mind that sailing is about taking the wind into account. Your captain will advice you on the best sailing route options in order to let you get the best of the Greek islands.
    How many people can we be on the boat?
    The Lagoon 420 catamaran has four double cabins with en-suite facilities. Thus you can be up to 8 people. The skipper's quarters are separate.
    Is the boat equiped with a watermaker?
    Yes the Lagoon 420 is fitted with a watermaker. The watermaker (Reverse Osmosis) is a high-end equipment producing fresh water and popular on board superyachts. Now you no longer have to frequently dock into congested ports for filling up water and can instead anchor in beautiful coves untouched by tourism or development. And all this without increasing the cost of renting the boat!
    Is there A/C?
    Yes the Lagoon 420 is fully equiped with A/C.
    Is the age of the boat an issue?
    The year of our Lagoon 420 is 2008. A refit took place in 2018. The recent above pictures of this specific catamaran are the reflection of the entire boat’s state. Since our charters run back to back all season we cannot afford any breakdowns, hence we systematically conduct preventive maintenance, replacing critical parts well before they fail. Furthermore the Lagoon 420 is never rented without a captain, whose job is also to conduct daily inspection and maintenance, ensuring trouble free operation all season long.
    How do I figure costs and expenses?
    Fuel, water, port dues and end cleaning will cost you in total for a week approximately 400 euros. Dinner in a Greek taverna costs about 14 euros per person (local wine, beer or soda included).
    How to provision the boat?
    You will find within 150 meters from our boats in Paroikia’s harbour (Paros’ main settlement), a supermarket, 2 bakeries, a greengrocer, a bottle shop, a fishmonger etc. The supermarket will gladly lend you someone to push your shopping trolleys to the yacht. As we usually have dinner ashore, provisions are chiefly intended for breakfasts and lunches. Shall the need arise, you may resupply in any of the other islands.
    Who does the cooking?
    Charter option on the Lagoon 420 is self catering meaning it is you and your party who prepare your meals. Typically our guests have breakfasts and lunches onboard (as we are often sailing or swimming at noon) like salads and sandwiches. Dinners are usually taken ashore, with or without your skipper but you may of course cook your own meal onboard.
    How do meals work with the skipper?
    Life on a sailboat implies good will and team spirit. You captain will never impose himself but when meals are taken on board he should get his share. If not busy with the boat he will be happy to give you a hand in preparing the meal. Regarding dinners ashore, your captain will advize you about the best taverna. However please remember you still have to provide for his meals. You can either give him 14 euros for his dinner or invite him at your table and benefit from his insider knowledge.
    Do we go into marinas at night?
    In July and August, when harbors get very busy in the Greek islands, yachts generally anchor out in the evenings, unless they need to refill their fuel or water tanks or if they claim a slip before 15:00. Outside this period it is usually not a problem to go into marina at night. Each of our yachts carry a tender or dinghy with an outboard motor, sort of the taxi for getting around. If you wish to dock at a port for the day or evening, the dockage fees are not covered by the charter fee and are at the charterer's expense.
    Do you carry snorkeling gear onboard?
    Yes we do carry flippers of various sizes onboard. Should you do not find anything able to find the right match, you may easily purchase fins and snorkel masks in Parikia’s harbour at a reasonable price.
    Is bed linen provided?
    Yes we provide with all bed linen (sheets, pillow cases, blankets) as well as bathroom towels. You just need to bring with your own beach/deck towel.
    Is there a coffee machine on the boat?
    Yes, both an Italian traditional espresso coffee machine and a filter coffee thermos jug fitted with a cone are available on the Lagoon 420.
    Are there any electric plugs on the boat?
    Yes, the Lagoon 420 is equipped with an inverter, meaning that we have 2 AC plugs for recharging mobile phones, cameras or Ipods and operating small household appliances like a fruitblender, they are standard continental european plugs (France, Germany, Italy etc). The yacht also has DC cigarette lighter plugs like in a car.
    Over 50 years experience in crewed yacht charter in Greece
    A friendly and expert team by your side until your disembarkation
    Permanent skippers
    for constant boat maintenance
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