Start your sailing cruise in the heart of the amazing Cyclades islands

In 2016, a rare bird joined the Archipel fleet: the Punch 41'. This catamaran has succeeded at being both effective and snug. Outfitted for complete autonomy, it offers optimized space for both relaxation and fluid circulation. Especially dedicated to couples, small groups and families of up to 6 people this perfectly proportioned boat will make you feel at home.
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            2018 CHARTER RATES

                 Weekly rates, skipper included
2 people
3500 €
4200 €
4700 €
3200 €
3 to 6 people
3900 €
4600 €
5100 €
3800 €

Extra costs :
1. fuel-water-port taxes (in total approximately 240 € per week depending on the fuel consumption)
2. your food as well as your skipper's is at your charge.
Departure & arrival : Paros
Discount: 5% early booking before January 31st (excluding skipper's fee).
What's included : catamaran, skipper, insurance, taxes, VAT, bedding, linen & towels, cooking fuel, motorised tender, watermaker, AC current for charging your small devices, CD & MP3 sound system, end cleaning.
Our offers are non-binding and subject to change.
  • Do we have a say in the itinerary?
  • We do not have a fixed itinerary, to the contrary we try to input personal parameters for each individual group. Hence, on first day, together with your captain with the week's windforecast in hand, you will select the most suitable set of stopovers.



    Finalizing your itinerary is one of the highlights of your sailing cruise. Upon boarding, your captain will summarize the route options according to your wishes and the weather forecast and will be happy to suggest dream destinations only accessible by sailboat.
    Paros-Paros via Amorgos
    Paros    Sifnos    Despotiko    Koufonissi    Amorgos    Schinoussa    Antiparos    Paros
    Ideal if the winds are strong, with exhilarating beam reach sailing instead of arduous windward work! Ideal for families, this itinerary offers 3 to 4 hour island hops between isolated anchorages, golden beaches, quiet harbors and medieval village visits.
    Paros-Paros via Mykonos
    Paros    Syros    Mykonos et Delos    Donoussa    Amorgos    Schinoussa    Antiparos    Paros
    Achievable when the prevailing northerly winds are light or calm on the first day since we motor northwards to Syros. On the menu: a mix of lively and out-of-the-way islands, lots of possible cultural visits, sailing legs of 3 to 5 hours.
  • What is the source of electricity?
  • n board there is AC electricity 230Volts for devices up to 1500Watt. It means it�s the same as in our homes but not for very powerful devices. Regarding hairdryer it really depends on the Watt it consumes. Howver when the yacht is plugged to the shore power you can any device without problem at all.

  • How large are the beds?
  • The size of the beds in the two double cabins is 1,30 x 1,90 meters. The size of the beds in the twin cabin is 0,90 x 1,90 meters

  • Can you please elaborate on the shower facilities on board?
  • Like on any decently appointed 40' yacht, each 'bathroom' is accessed through a sliding door and consists of a marine head, a washbasin, a mixing faucet with a shower phone, a closet, shelves, a large mirror and an electric light. The surface on which one stands between the toilet bowl and the closet consists of a grating which allows shower water to drain in a sump where it will be picked up by a bilge pump. The total area is sufficient for a person of reasonnable size to shower and dry itself with a towel.

                LOOKING INTO THE YACHT

    Plan Punch 41  
    Punch 41
    2003,renovated in 2016
    12,70 meters
    up to 6 + skipper
    Shower / Head
    Skipper cabin/shower/head
    Bed linen & bath towels
    Powered tender
    Water maker
    Air conditioning


    If you're not familiar with chartering a skippered sailboat, these Faq's might give you a better idea of what to expect
    from a sailing holidays with Archipel onboard Cyclades Sun. If we have not addressed your question,
    please feel free to contact us.
  • What would be a typical day onboard the yacht?

  • Breakfast, fresh food provisioning if needed, sailing (average of 3 to 6 hours per day depending on the itinerary), swimming and lunch onboard, arrival to your destination around 3 pm, sightseeing, beach, relaxing on the yacht, dinner ashore, evening leisure time.
  • Are there any electric plugs on the boat?

  • Yes, our yacht is equipped with an inverter, meaning that we have 2 AC plugs for recharging mobile phones, cameras or Ipods and operating small household appliances like a fruitblender, they are standard continental european plugs (France, Germany, Italy etc). The yacht also has DC cigarette lighter plugs like in a car.
  • What happens if there’s no wind?

  • Statistically, during summer in the Cyclades islands, there are up to 2 or 3 windless days per month. When this happens, diesel engines take over, itineraries are less constrained, there’s more relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.
  • Do you carry snorkeling gear on board?

  • Yes, we do carry flippers of various sizes.
  • What happens if the wind blows hard?

  • Specifically designed for sailing charter in the Greek islands under Meltemi conditions, our Pahi catamaran sails to her destination every day, providing safety and comfort to everyone onboard. However, rough weather sailing is not every one’s cup of tea. This is why our skippers daily monitor long term forecasts, anticipating a blow and tailoring your itinerary according to your preferences. You may rest assured that whatever happens, you will not be stuck in port if you do not wish to!
  • How does your complimentary provisioning service work?

  • We will gladly do the food provisioning for you so you don’t have to worry about it upon arrival and may enjoy an immediate departure. You will settle the bill in cash upon boarding. If you wish to purchase your groceries yourself, you will find a supermarket opposite the small craft harbour, across the street. Use the trolleys of the shop to carry the food to the boat.
  • How do the meals work on the trip? Dinner in or out?

  • Typically, our guests have breakfasts on the boat and lunches on the boat or ashore depending on the itinerary. Lunches on board consist of light meals; sandwiches, salads, fruits etc. Substantial dinners are taken ashore in a traditional Greek taverna unless you prefer to cook onboard.
  • Is scuba an available activity for certified divers?

  • Regarding Scuba diving: because of the large number of antiquities on the sea floor and the amount of damage and theft occurred in the past, scuba diving is very strictly regulated in the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece & Turkey). One may only dive in areas cleared by the archeological authorities and is required to register with Coast Guard for each dive. Should a reasonnable amount of poeple on board be interested in diving we can prearrange dive sessions with dive clubs in the following islands: Paros, Syros, Mykonos, Milos, Santorini.
  • Can we hire a hostess?

  • The Punch 41 catamaran has a permanent crew consisting of a captain only. In the Greek islands we believe a hostess on board is not absolutely necessary since:
    - One may order in advance and get all the groceries delivered on board just prior embarkation
    - Dinners are usually taken ashore in a traditional Greek taverna by the sea or in a scenic village
    - Breakfasts on board do not require a great deal of effort
    - Lunches may be an issue needing preparations but our inventive customers have found the following solution: the evening before, they order takeaway cooked food from the taverna, keep it in the boat’s refrigerator and serve it for lunch on the next day accompanied by salad, cheese and fruit from the yacht’s pantry. And if you think that dishwashing doesn’t go well with holidays, disposable cardboard plates are available everywhere!
    So unless you really want to, there will not be much cooking on board.
  • How many nights at anchor vs. dining on our own in a restaurant ashore do you estimate?

  • The catamaran spends most nights at anchor and we usually go ashore for exploring and dining out. Tavernas are simple affairs providing excellent price to quality ratio, meaning unless you eat only pasta and salad, there's no way you can cook cheaper than a taverna, where you may sample a great variety of dishes and you do not have to wash dishes afterwards!
  • How large is the refrigerator onboard?

  • The electric refrigerator on the Punch 41 catamaran has a capacity of 35 USgal while in the cockpit there's also a 5 USgal icebox for drinks. You may shop bulky and heavy items (like bottled water) in Paros as the grocery is handily close by, but you can resupply perishables (ie fruit, vegie, yoghurt) in almost any island.
    Over 50 years experience in crewed yacht charter in Greece
    A friendly and expert team by your side until your disembarkation
    Permanent skippers
    for constant boat maintenance
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