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Established in 1962, we are an owner-operator yacht charter company based in Paros, an ideal starting point to commence your sailing cruise in the heart of the Greek islands.
This summer 2014, we would like to share with you the two latest additions to our fleet:
- a Beneteau 50 specially outfitted for self-sufficient cruising through strings of secluded coves.
- the youngest Lagoon, the brand new 39',
a small but irresistible catamaran.

yacht charter archipel club

 August 2013 
Thank you Antonis for conducting our wonderful cruising week.
Hugues & Severine | France
archipel club

 August 2013 
Hi there. Just got back, the trip was perfect, we slept, swam and wandered... targets were met. Must do it again.
Nathalie, Sylvie, Jean-Claude, Marc | France
yacht charter archipel club
 July 2013 
I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we all had a spectacular time. Captain Eric was awesome, all of his recomendations were spot on and everyone was amazed at his ability to handle the boat with ease. He was always professional and very fun to hang out with during our meals ashore. Maria was absolutely perfect! None of us could imagine doing this trip without her. She looked after us like we were part of her family and would always whip us up the most delicious meals and snacks on a moments notice. Please recommend her to all your clients because she is worth every penny! Everything about this trip was as advertised and if possible, even better than expected. Thank you very much Captain Eric, Maria, Vanessa, and the Archipel Club for giving us a holiday we will never forget! Cheers
Josh | USA
yacht charter archipel club

 July 2013 
Great week with a great captain. Thank you very for making it easy and wonderful. Hope to see you soon.
Mary | Beyrouth
yacht charter archipel club

 June 2013 
Our voyage was consistent with our expectations: the yacht, skipper George (professional, friendly and inconspicuous) and even the weather great, although the wind did not always blow in the right direction! This was an unforgetable vacation. We would love to come back in a few years, with Archipel Club of course, but this time we will start from Paros.
David | Paris
yacht charter archipel club
 May 2013 
We just returned home from our trip in the greek islands and wish we were still there! Captain Eric unveiled us the wonderfull Cyclades, their crystal clear coves, friendly inhabitants and the delicious cuisine. We were lucky to share our voyage with two other couples and a five year old boy and had a great time with all of them. Hi to Karin, Roger and Mathis from Canada as well as sarah and Dwight from the USA, we hope to see all of you sometimes again.
Isabelle | Brittany

honeymoon sailing archipel club
 July 2012 
We just got off the boat and settled into our room in Paros after a wonderful trip with Antonis aboard Raffaella for the week. We feel so lucky to have had such a nice and knowledgeable captain who had great ideas on where to go as well as listened to our interests and sailed the perfect trip for us. Our best memories include a night sail on my wife’s birthday so we could enjoy the smooth sea and see the stars while heading to a quiet port for a tranquil night’s sleep. Thank you for the wine which was an excellent way to kick off the trip. And thank you for making the booking process so easy for us and answering all of my questions. We felt very comfortable with everything. We really could not have had a better trip.
Kent & Tiffany | USA

yacht charter archipel club
 June 2012 
Just got back from a picture perfect one week Paros to Paros itinerary. The trip was well planned and adjusted to our abilities and weather. The boat (Oceanis 40 by Beneteau) is small but very functional. Skipper Georgios was professional, friendly and tactful, and provided excellent local guidance. Highly recommend.
Leonid | USA
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greece sailing archipel club

 July 2012 
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our holiday on the Astarte. Malcolm and I just had such a wonderful time, and it definitely was one of the highlights of our trip! We have been telling everyone what a great time we had, and Eric was absolutely brilliant as well. If we ever get a chance to come back to Greece, we would definitely like to do it again!
Sarah | Hong Kong
greece sailing cruise
 July 2011 
A note of thanks for the fantastic time we spent in Greece. It's obvious we'll never become great sailors :-) but we loved it all along. Thanks again and we hope to see you in the near future.
Matthew and Rosa | Spain
greece sailing archipel club
 June 2009 
We would like to thank you for the wonderful holiday we enjoyed on Astarte, sailing from Paros to Santorini. The cabin arrangements, the facilities on the boat were top notch and perfect for the cruising holiday we experienced. The itinerary and the time table was excellent, and I am so delighted we found you, we often looked at other boats and set ups we saw in the harbours and it was obvious that we had made the correct choice of company. Theo is an excellent sailor, gregarious and charming host, and I would not hesitate to put my full trust in his hands. I hope that you continue to enjoy the fulfilling and wonderful life of Archipel Club.
Harry & Carol | Ireland


 September 2008 
Diving into the sunset from the yacht made me feel so happy and relaxed.
Luuk | Belgium

archipel club

 May 2008 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Archipel Club to anyone who wants that little bit more from their holiday.
Sarah Pain from Sailing Today magazine. Read the review.

 May 2008 
I just talked to Pam B. They loved the trip and said everything was just wonderful. She said it couldn't have been better! Thanks!
Shirley (Travel agency/USA)
Frequently asked questions
How do I figure costs and expenses?Depending on the boat and the number of persons in your party, we systematically include in our offers an estimation of the cruise expenses you can expect in Greece. Cruise expenses include fuel, water, port dues, food and beverages.
Is the itinerary up to the captain
or do we have a say?Numerous routeing options are available when chartering a yacht from Athens or Paros island. There are many must-to-see islands such as Mykonos, Sifnos, Amorgos, Delos, Ios etc and many choices of alternative itineraries too! On boarding day, your captain will sit and discuss with you, with the week’s weather forecast in hand, customizing precisely your route, by keeping in mind your preferences but also your comfort while sailing.

Can we leave in your office the stuff
we don't need while sailing? Of course. You may leave with us your main luggage and keep with you soft bags and valuable goods such as laptop, money, passport etc.

Would love to dive sometime during
our charter, can it be worked in?Because of the large number of antiquities on the sea floor and the amount of damage and theft occurred in the past, scuba diving is nowadays very strictly regulated in the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece and Turkey). One may only dive in areas cleared by the archeological authorities and is required to register with Coast Guard for each dive. We can of course prearrange dive sessions with dive clubs in the following islands: Paros, Syros, Mykonos, Milos, Santorini.

What type of plug sockets and voltage
are used on board?On board most of our yachts you will find 220v AC plugs running on a 1800w inverter. That means it’s the same as in our homes but not for very powerful devices. You may hook up all your electric small devices up to 1500w such as phones, cameras etc. Please bear in mind thar the sockets are of the "continental" type (ie France, Germany).

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