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Live a genuine sailing experience on our spacious Lagoon 420 catamaran without having to assemble a party for chartering a whole boat, discover the Greek islands without the crowds and meet new people while retaining your privacy thanks to your private cabin with ensuite shower and head.
Your captain will let you get the best of the Cyclades islands: spectacular sunsets, charming hidden villages, delicious Greek cuisine, golden hued beaches, starlit nights in secluded coves, vibrant nightlife.
We are based in Paros, ideally located in the heart of the Cyclades islands.
The number of guests on our trips is limited to 8 + the skipper.


Trip lenght:7 days, 6 nights
Wednesdays at 11 am, Paros (Cyclades)
Tuesdays at 5 pm, Paros (Cyclades)
Typical day: our cabin charter sailing trips combine pleasant sailing in the morning to the visit of a different island every day. In the afternoon you are free to swim & relax onboard or go exploring the island on your own or with your crew mates. In the evening we typically have dinner ashore where we feast on phenomenal traditional Greek food.


Here are our most popular itineraries, specificaly designed to combine exciting sailing with interesting island visits. On first day, together with your captain with the week's windforecast in hand, you will select the most suitable set of stopovers.
with moderate northerlies
Paros, Sikinos, Santorini, Folegandros, Polyaigos, Sifnos, Despotiko, Paros
with sustained, fresh northerlies
Paros, Sifnos, Despotiko, Koufonissi, Amorgos, Schinoussa, Antiparos, Paros
with light northerlies or calm
Paros, Syros, Mykonos, Delos, Donoussa, Amorgos, Schinoussa, Antiparos, Paros


The Lagoon 420 is a family friendly, spacious and fast catamaran. The amount of available and usable deck space offers plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sailing. There are four spacious and equally sized double cabins with en suite heads and showers. Wide transom steps and swim ladders make access to the dinghy or a dip in the sea, very easy.
The vessel can take up to 8 guests + the skipper


No sailing experience is required. While enjoying sea and sun, you are involved in all tasks of everyday life at sea, up to handling the yacht itself if you so wish. Some hoist, lower or flake the sails (daily workout!), others steer (if they wish, since we have autopilots) shop or cook. Chores are equally shared among everyone (dish washing, sorting the galley). Like everything else onboard, appropriateness is the rule!
The day starts with breakfast and some grocery shopping prior taking off. We sail 2 to 4 hours stopping where possible for a swim (we carry snorkeling gear) and for a light lunch. We arrive at our daily destination around 15:00, leaving plenty of time for relaxing or exploring.

 Archipel's TRIPS?

Couples, small groups of friends, families, single travellers. We're usually able to make enough personal contact with each of our guests to have a clear picture of how to match them with a team they'll find compatible. Because of the vacation mode, style and cost, all our customers are reasonnably fit, they enjoy open air activities, understand the meaning of propriety on board a sailing yacht and finally end up having a lot in common! Furthermore the fact that they embark in such a shared boat vacation more than implies they are willing to be flexible (within reason) and have the greatest fun. We have been involved in this kind of cruises for over 10 years now, some of our guests became friends for life while actually few people got married!


Our cabin charters run a cruising kitty. Payable upon boarding, it covers all shared expenses such as breakfasts and lunches onboard, dinners ashore, water, fuel, port dues, skipper's meals..
The skipper acts as the bookkeeper keeping all receipts etc. It works well and everyone is always happy with it.
The only 'extra' money you will spend is really only on souvenirs and any drinks when sightseeing away from the group.
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7 days/6 nights trip

1 double cabin
with private bathroom

1900 € for 2 people

2100 € for 2 people

Cruising kitty
250 € per person per week to settle on boarding day.
5% if you book before January 31st, 5% for children.
catamaran, skipper, insurance, taxes, bed linen & towels, cooking fuel, motor tender, full air-conditioning, watermaker, main saloon with LCD TV, MP3 player, dinghy with outboard engine, sSnorkeling gear, end cleaning.

Our offers are non-binding and subject to change.


  • How many people will we be traveling with?

  • Our cabin charters sailing cruises are limited to 8 people + the skipper.
  • What would be a typical day onboard the yacht ?

  • Your sailing cruise will combine pleasant sailing in the morning with the afternoon visit of a different island. After waking up, if at anchor, you may take a swim or if in harbor have breakfast first and then go for a walk and enjoy the sights under the golden morning light. Once the boat cleared and ready for sail, the anchor will be weighed and course shaped for the next island. We sail 3 to 5 hours stopping where possible for a swim (we carry snorkeling gear) and for a light lunch, or otherwise keep sailing and have lunch on the move. In the smallest of the Greek islands there's always something interesting to see or a nice walk to take. Of course you may decide to lay back and relax on the boat or just stroll to the nearby beach. In each anchorage your captain will be happy to indicate the best taverna to sample genuine Greek food and sample unique fare, typical of every island. After dinner you are free to pick your spot and enjoy the Aegean's wonderful starlit nights.
  • How is our itinerary decided?

  • Finalizing your itinerary is one of the highlights of your sailing cruise. Upon boarding, according to the weather forecast and everyone’s wishes, your captain will summarize the route options.
  • Can you explain the kitty?

  • When sharing a yacht all common costs aboard (eg. harbourfees, fuel, food and soft drinks aboard) are shared equally among all crew members. All in all, a sailors share of the cruising kitty usually amounts to 250 euros for the week, to settle on boarding day. Ashore it's each sailor for himself and all personal expenses will not be covered by the cruising kitty.
  • Do your carry snorkeling gear?

  • Yes, we do carry flippers of various sizes onboard Blue catamaran. Should you do not find anything able to find the right match, you may easily purchase fins and snorkel masks in Paroikia’s harbour at a reasonable price.
  • What cooking facilities do we have aboard?

  • In the well appointed galley of the Lagoon 420 catamaran you will find all necessary to prepare a nice meal: dishes, utensils, kitchen towels, fridge, gas oven and hobs. Coffee lovers will find available both an Italian traditional espresso coffee machine and for filter coffee a thermos jug fitted with a cone.
  • How is dinner ashore handled? Do we all go to the same place, is the dinner menu fixed?

  • Dinners are taken ashore in a Greek taverna on the beach or in a village. Of course you may have dinner on your own if you wish to, in that case you will be refunded of 14 euros per person from the cruising kitty. When we have dinner all together, the captain advises you of what are the best local specialties and you may order a selection of these for sampling. Usual fare costs around 14 euros per person per dinner, local wine or beer included.
  • Can I bring my hairdryer?

  • Bring your own but please bear in mind that the large amount of AC current needed to power the device is only available when the AC generator is running. For smaller devices there’s constantly power available. Sockets are of continental Europe type.
  • Is bed linen provided?

  • Yes we provide with all bed linen as well as bathroom towels. You just need to bring with your own beach/deck towel.
  • Is the yacht equipped with a watermaker?

  • Yes the catamaran is outfitted with a watermaker, a high-end equipment producing fresh water and popular on board superyachts. Now you no longer have to frequently dock into congested ports for filling up water and can instead anchor in beautiful coves untouched by tourism or development. And all this without increasing the cost of your cabin charter!
  • Does the boat have WiFi?

  • Sorry there is no WiFi available aboard. All charges for temporary roaming were abolished in 2017 (fair-use rules are to be applied) for EU residents. Charges when travelling shall be the same as when using the home network. Non EU residents visiting Greece may purchase a prepaid card for phone or data from shops of the 3 mobile phone providers in Greece (Cosmote having the widest 4G coverage in the islands). Typical costs between 5 euros for 1GB and 30 euros for 4GB.
  • How do you send out travel documentation?

  • All documentation is sent by email. Shortly after we receive your first payment we will send you a booking confirmation. Final boarding information will be sent by email after you have settled the remaining due of your cabin charter. We will send you a reminder one month prior departure.
  • Where does the skipper sleep?
  • There is separate quarters in the bow area for the skipper.

  • Do we have a say in the itinerary?
  • An sailing itinerary in the Greek islands is always a compromise between sightseing wishes, life-style, weather constraints and how much sailing you wish to do. The ideal strategy for a week's sailing tour is to reach the most distant point on the third day. On first day, together with your captain with the week's windforecast in hand, you will finalize the itinerary.

  • Is there air conditioning?
  • Yes, there is full air conditionning in the vessel.

                LOOKING INTO THE YACHT

    Lagoon 42 catamaran  
    Lagoon 420
    2008. Refit 2017.
    42 feet
    max. 8 + skipper
    Double cabins
    Ensuite showers/heads
    Skipper cabin/shower/head
    Bed linen & bath towels
    Powered tender
    Full air conditioning
    Over 50 years experience in crewed yacht charter in Greece
    A friendly and expert team by your side until your disembarkation
    Permanent skippers
    for constant boat maintenance
    Credit card
    secure payment